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CBCT: 3D Dental Imaging

3D dental imaging, also known as cone beam computed tomography (CBCT), is an advanced technology that provides detailed and three-dimensional images of your teeth, jawbone, and surrounding structures. It uses a special type of X-ray machine that rotates around your head, capturing multiple images from different angles. These images are then reconstructed by a computer to create a 3D representation of your oral structures.

This imaging technique allows Endodontists to see your teeth, roots, bone, nerves, and other important structures in high resolution and with great accuracy. It provides a more comprehensive view compared to traditional dental X-rays, which are two-dimensional.

With 3D dental imaging, dental professionals can better diagnose and plan treatments for a variety of dental issues, such as impacted teeth, dental implants, orthodontic treatments, and jaw joint disorders. It helps them understand the anatomy of your mouth in greater detail, leading to more precise and effective treatment decisions.

Overall, 3D dental imaging improves dental care by providing a clearer and more comprehensive understanding of your oral health, allowing for better treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

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